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Month: August 2019


Substance Designer 2019 Summer update

Allegorithmic has released the latest version of Substance Designer. New features include UX improvements such as a Dot node to reroute collections, cleaning up graphs, the ability to add favorites to the spacebar menu, and the ability to drag the output…


3DS Max 2020.2 now available

Autodesk has announced its latest update to 3DS Max. 3DS Max 2020.2 adds a new Sketchup importer based on the Autodesk Translation Framework that supports any version of Sketchup. The previous importer only supported Sketchup up to version 2014.  The Chamfer modifier…


Nebula Render 2 released

Nebula Render 2 is a new commercial unbiased physically-based standalone render application aimed at “architects, designers and casual VFX artists”. Features include interactive raytracing, a 3d view to modify the scene and add helpers, support for common material types including subsurface scattering and…


Shadow – Photoshop extension

Bogdan Bogdanovic has released Shadow, a Photoshop extension that generates shadows from a layer. Features include the ability to set the angle, colour, softness, scale and opacity of each shadow. The release video explains how to use the plugin to add shadows to entourage for…


Bella – a new spectral physically-based renderer

Barcelona-based Diffuse Logic has announced a new render engine called Bella, available as a standalone app and plugin for Maya with new implementations promised in the future. According to the developers, Bella is a spectral, physically-based renderer that features a node-based scene description graph,…


Yeti 3.5 released

Peregrine Labs has announced the latest release of Yeti, its Maya plugin for fur and feathers. New features in version 3.5 include Alembic support for both import and export, the move for internal texturing to the OpenImageIO standard, volumetric guides that…


SalvoBaker – automate Octane bakes in Unity

Samuel Arsenault-Brassard has released an open-source tool that automates the Octane baking process inside Unity. Watch a tutorial on YouTube or find out more and download it from GitHub. Experience the service Super Renders Farm with:


Marvelous Designer 9 features preview

CLO Virtual Fashion has released a preview of features in its upcoming release of Marvelous Designer 9. The video demonstrates new retopology and symmetry tools alongside new subdivision features. There’s also GPU acceleration for improved performance during simulations. Watch the…