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Month: January 2020


Material Maker 0.8 released

RodZilla has released an update for Material Maker, the open-source procedural material generation tool that’s built on top of the Godot engine. The new release features updates to the user interface and several new and improved nodes including the ability to describe and…


Unity 2019.3 is out now

Unity Technologies has announced the release of Unity 2019.3. New features include a new editor interface, a new input System, faster in-Editor iteration time, production-ready graphics and much more. See a detailed description of the release on the Unity website.


Epic’s mobile support updates

Epic Games has shared a post detailing their update and plans for mobile support in Unreal Engine. According to the post, “limitations and variance in mobile hardware have made it necessary for us to maintain alternate rendering pipelines between desktop, Android, and…


E-Cycles and E-Cycles RTX announced

Mathieu Menuet has announced the latest version of E-Cycles and E-Cycles RTX, his accelerated version of Blender’s rendering engine. The RTX version promises speed boosts of up to 4 times compared with native Cycles. A purchase includes both versions, the standard release that…


Unity’s The Heretic short film released

Unity Technologies has released the full version of its short film The Heretic. The first part of the film was first showing at GDC in 2019. It was designed to showcase Unity’s High Definition Rendering Pipeline, the VFX Graph, and create a realistic…


TopoLogiK v1.12 released – retopo tool for 3DS Max

KinematicLab has released an update to TopoLogiK, its retopology tool for 3DS Max that promises a “more procedural, parametric and efficient approach”. Features since last reported include improved high poly management removing issues with corrupted meshes, the ability to automatically select edge loops…