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Simple Scatter for Unreal Engine 4

Army of One Games has released a new scattering plugin for Unreal Engine 4. Simple Scatter has been designed to bring scattering workflows familiar from the scattering plugins found in 3D DCC packages to Unreal. Features include the ability to scatter on…


Cavalry – new motion design software

London-based motion design and VFX Studio Mainframe has announced a free public beta of its new motion design software Cavalry. Cavalry promises the user a new procedural application with ambitions to make take on the existing heavy-hitters in the animation, design, creative…


RailClone 4.1.2 released

IToo Software has announced an update to RailClone, its parametric modelling and layout system for 3DS Max. Changes in version 4.1.2 include updates to the Random number node to make it easier to synchronise randomised properties between generators and the ability…


Godot 3.2 now available

A new version of the open-source game engine Godot is now available. Version 3.2 includes  Android and Web Assembly support in Mono/C#,  Oculus Quest and ARKit support, an overhaul of visual shaders, improvements to graphics and rendering, glTF 2.0 and FBX, WebRTC and WebSocket, Android build and…


Maya 2020’s animation and rigging tools overview

Software > Maya Maya 2020’s animation and rigging tools overview Autodesk has released a video with the Maya team and Blue Sky studios in which they discuss the Maya 2020 release and its latest animation and rigging tools. Watch it on Vimeo.


Material Maker 0.8 released

RodZilla has released an update for Material Maker, the open-source procedural material generation tool that’s built on top of the Godot engine. The new release features updates to the user interface and several new and improved nodes including the ability to describe and…


Unity 2019.3 is out now

Unity Technologies has announced the release of Unity 2019.3. New features include a new editor interface, a new input System, faster in-Editor iteration time, production-ready graphics and much more. See a detailed description of the release on the Unity website.


Epic’s mobile support updates

Epic Games has shared a post detailing their update and plans for mobile support in Unreal Engine. According to the post, “limitations and variance in mobile hardware have made it necessary for us to maintain alternate rendering pipelines between desktop, Android, and…