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Category: CORONA

Corona Renderer 5 for 3ds Max 2019 Updated

Super Renders Farm are so glad to announce that our lastest update, Corona 5 for 3ds Max 2019 is availale on the system. You can sign in and experience new update now. This version focuses mostly on optimizations, saving both memory and render times for general rendering, and more specifically for displacement and caustics: Memory […]

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Corona Renderer 5 for Cinema 4D (R19/R20)

Super Renders Farm are supporting Corona 5 for Cinema 4D R19 & R20 in our system.From the development of the Corona Core, this version brings a focus on optimizations, saving memory for displacement, and memory and render times for caustics.From the Cinema 4D specific side, there are also a great many improvements, including multiple skies […]

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[Corona]: I can see dark/ bright strips in my rendering

Issue: For distributed rendering to work properly, all of the PCs taking part in it should be rendering exactly the same image and then submitting its parts to the master PC. The strips (banding) visible in the image usually mean that some of the nodes are rendering different image than than others. Cause and Solution: […]

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3ds Max crashes as soon as I set Corona as active renderer

Issue: 3ds Max crashes to desktop as soon as Corona is selected as the active renderer in the 3ds Max Render Setup > Common window.  Solution: This issue is very rare, and unfortunately we are not sure what is causing it. The known solutions are:  Installing all available Windows Updates (keep in mind that you may have […]

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[Corona]: My LightMix is black

Issue LightMix is black Cause and Solution If the whole content of the VFB becomes black as soon as you switch to the Interactive LightMix render element or if you just open the LightMix tab and try to change some of the LightMix values: Make sure that the intensities of the lights listed in the LightMix […]

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[Corona]: My rendering is too bright or too dark

Issue: My rendering is too bright or too dark Cause and Solution: If your rendering is under- or overexposed, this may be caused by: Wrong exposure parametersTo fix this, depending on the workflow you are using, change exposure parameters either in Corona VFB’s “ColorMap” tab, current camera settings or in Render Setup > Scene > Camera/Exposure/Tone Mapping. Wrong lightingMake […]

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