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Category: NukeX

Nuke Inpaint tool teased

Foundry has teased a new tool called Inpaint, due for inclusion in Nuke 12.0. According to the company, it allows the user to create contextual paint strokes, similar to Photoshop’s Healing Brush tool. Inpaint is GPU accelerated, includes “Stretch knobs” to control the direction of the stroke for finer adjustments, has the ability to adjust the […]

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5 Habits Every Nuke Beginner Should Have

Nuke is an industry standard in both film and commercial environments and one of the strongest freelance tools you can add to your arsenal as either a 2D generalist or a compositor. The Foundry’s Nuke is the complete compositing package. A node-based workflow, 3D toolsets, robust channel controls, and more make this a “big boy” program […]

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Higx releases Point Render for Nuke

Higx – aka VFX artist Mads Hagbarth Damsbo – has released Point Render: an inexpensive new point rendering engine for Nuke. Written in BlinkScript and created using only native Nuke nodes, the renderer is described as a way to “create, modulate and render dense energy effects”. A powerful particle renderer created using only native Nuke toolsPoint Render […]

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