Maxon has announced the latest update to Cinema 4D with new rental options. In the past Cinema 4D R21 was offered in four flavors starting at $995 for a perpetual license of Prime up to $3,695 for Studio, annual maintenance could be purchased to stay up to date.  Cinema 4D R21 will be offered in a new single version (equivalent to Studio) for the new monthly cost of $59.99 – paid annually. A true monthly subscription is also available for a higher price of $94.99 per month. A bundle that includes Redshift will also be available. Perpetual licensing is also still retained for the moment. 

The update itself introduces a new Caps and Bevel system, new Field Force dynamics, interface speed enhancements and better integration with popular hardware and software technologies and much more.  To see a full list visit the Maxon website and watch a preview on YouTube

Cinema 4D render farm:

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