Paint Craft !!: Creating Stylized Game assets with Ashleigh Warner

January 10, 2020, at 07:00 pm (PST) 

Attention realtime artists!  Get an in-depth look at creating stylized assets for games with prop artist Ashleigh Warner in this upcoming webinar event.

Ashleigh is an amazing prop artist with six years of experience in the game industry making stylized 3D art, concept art, animation, and FX. She has worked on four World of Warcraft expansions: Mists of Pandaria, Warlords of Draenor, Legion, and Battle for Azeroth. Her expertise is in hand-painting low poly game art, focusing on creating cultures and storytelling through objects–like a virtual set decorator.  Ashleigh got her career start with a traditional arts education—a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Communication Arts (Illustration) from Virginia Commonwealth University—and then moved into game art with a Master of Interactive Technology from The Guildhall at SMU. Now as an instructor, she mentors new artists and provides feedback to students through portfolio reviews. 

During our webinar, Ashleigh will share her background of how she became a prop artist and walk us through her career highlights. She’ll also offer some of her insights in areas like: 
    ♦    What is 2.5D?
    ♦    Planning, Reference Collection, and Concepting
    ♦    Modeling, UVs, and Textures 
    ♦    Stylized Painting of Plants, Wood and Metal
    ♦    And much more!

Be a part of the legion and get an insider’s look at game prop artist Ashleigh Warner!  We look forward to seeing you at this upcoming webinar event.

To join this webinar, click the link below to register:

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