Katana 4.0

Foundry has announced the release of Katana, its look development and lighting software. New features include a new artist focused lighting mode that combines several new workflows with the aim of giving artists a more similar approach to that of a live-action cinematographer. The mode supports the creation and editing of lights directly on top of a rendered image in Katana’s viewer with gestures.

Katana 4.0also  introduces foresight rendering workflows, a feature that allows artists to work simultaneously with renders from multiple shots, frames, assets, asset variations and other tasks from within one Katana project file. This release also supports networked machines to provide fast and scalable rendering feedback 

USD is improved with an updated Katana Hydra bridge, USD preview surface support and USD material export provide better fidelity and performance in Katana’s Hydra viewer, while making Katana well suited to drive look development for a Hydra Viewer or final render to all other departments.

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