Foundry has announced the release of Modo 15. New features include:

  • New Unsubdivide direct modelling tool. 
  • Improvements to Chamfer Edit
  • Support for overlapping boolean islands
  • More curve types supported by Offset Curves
  • Procedural Modelling tools now support Loop Slice and Unsubdivide
  •  Completely revised Mesh Fusion workflow for improved ease-of-use. It also now supports accurate edge weighting and low resolution meshes.
  • mPath interactive adds preview rendering to the new physically-based path trace renderer.
  • Rig Clay animation feature enables user-defined gestural control and supports control of meshops.
  • Command Regions are now easier to use/manage enabling users to create a curated environment based on viewport interaction.
  • Support for Python 3 and QT5
  • Several UI improvements

Read more about the latest release on Foundry’s website

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