Probably it is not easy to access the latest technology without advertising anywhere. Understanding this fact, Solo Studio, a Motion Graphics and Video Production studio in Brazil originally focuses on making videos and cartoons, began to take inspiration for brands, companies or startups to be closer to customers by 2D/3D advertising image and video.

Solo Studio (Estudio Solo) located in Campo Bom, a small town in the southern region in Brazil, started with 4 guys working remotely in 2012 and now they are more nine people a network of freelancers. Solo Studio worked mainly with Corporate Videos, Advertising and Explainer video. The name of the project supported by SuperRendersFarm is “Del Sole Lata” – a local brand. Solo’s customer produces sparkling wine and will be releasing a new drink, that is a mix of Grape Juice and Wine.

Andre Ilges – a member of Solo Studio said that they took 3 weeks from conceiving the idea to the final render.All started with a briefing from the client. Right after, Solo Studio gathered references, brainstormed, and then executed it. The result of it was an advertisement to be used in social media.

During this project making process, they had to work with large files involving physics simulations for 5~6 different scenes and three weeks was a short time to complete the project. Super Renders Farm is so glad to support for rendering process took place smoothly and easily.

We hopes that Solo Studio will develop and bring to customers valuable projects and becomes a partnership with Super Renders Farm in the future.

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