Sebastian Schäfer has announced the release of Storm 0.6, the latest version of its standalone particle simulation tool. New features include:

  • The addition of a new cloth-solver, cloth-constraints and cloth-guide nodes
    • The cloth solver allows for stable cloth mesh and lines tearing
    • Cloth constraints can be created by groups and/or merged together
    • A visualize-constraint node (cloth only) has also been added
    • Constraints can have varying “stiffness” and “breakstretch” values (pre-existing as point attributes)
    • Cloth inflation force is now triangle area dependent by default
  • Alembic importers and exporters can now handle lines (curves)
  • Better weighting added to attribute-transfer node (proximity mode)
  • Attribset-node has an added falloff parameter
  • The Point-delete node now works with meshes
  • Attrib-set node can also directly use a mesh as a “mask” and has a falloff parameter
  • Volume gradient node has an option to normalize and choose an output name
  • Added a Mesh-Curvature node
  • The smoke-solver node has an option for linear vorticity
  • The transform-stick can get enabled on a specific frame (classic collider)
  • The write node has the option to remove data attributess
  • Support for online licenses
  • Plus several more small improvements and bugfixes


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