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Substance Designer 2019 Summer update

Allegorithmic has released the latest version of Substance Designer. New features include UX improvements such as a Dot node to reroute collections, cleaning up graphs, the ability to add favorites to the spacebar menu, and the ability to drag the output of a node to the canvas to show and connect to a list of compatible nodes. 

Substance Designer’s performance has been improved with 2 to 8 times speed boosts to the library shelf and the addition of a cache to graph compilations to improve huge node trees. 

Perhaps most interesting though are the new features to help create and customize HDR environment maps. There is a new HDR merge node to compile LDR images into a single HDR map, the ability to patch the Nadir on spherical HDRs to remove tripods and shadows, the ability to extract a texture from the nadir of a HDR map for use as ground texture, the ability to adjust a HDRs color temperature, and a tool to straighten the horizon. 

There are also tools for creating HDR maps from scratch in Designer, including a physical Sun and Sky model and several light types that can be positioned in the 2D view while seeing the results in real-time on the environment map. 

Find out more about this release on the Substance blog.

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