You should know what cloud rendering is, and in this article, Super Renders Farm will introduce you to the benefits and disadvantages of cloud rendering.

The Benefits of Cloud Rendering

1. Fast Rendering

The distributed rendering of cloud rendering allows multiple servers to be put online for rendering, which greatly increases the rendering speed.

2. Batch Rendering

Cloud rendering can render multiple files at the same time, multi-tasking and saving a lot of time, which is not possible with local machines.

3. Free up Local Space

As we know, rendering sometimes takes up all our local computer space, which is not only slow and stuck, but also burns up some machines with bad cooling, greatly depleting the life of your local computer and increasing costs.

When your job is successfully submitted to cloud rendering for rendering, your 3d max software can be closed and your local computer can be shut down. By handing the job over to cloud rendering, the local computer is freed up, reducing wear and tear while you continue to model, draw and complete other tasks.

4. Always Available

Simply log in to the rendering platform and you can fully automatically package and submit your files with one click, upload and download files in multiple lines, and preview your renders in real time to keep track of their progress.

5. 7*24 Hours Customer Service

It has a good service. Although users almost help themselves throughout the whole process of using cloud rendering, it is inevitable that they will still encounter problems, and in order to deal with them in a timely manner, most vendors of render farm are equipped with 7*24 hours customer service. Fox Renderfarm also provides 24/7 service.

Disadvantages of Cloud Rendering

1. You need to pay, and sometimes the cost price may not be cheap.

The more computing resources the cloud rendering platform provides, the faster the rendering speed, the higher the cost.

There is no doubt that the cost of rendering in the cloud is much higher than rendering on your own local computer. After all, the cost of cloud rendering itself includes cloud server resources, operation and maintenance costs, and platform operation costs. However, at present, cloud rendering platforms also offer different threads for users to choose from to meet their respective needs for speed and cost.

2. Insufficient support for some plugins and software.


A good cloud render farm can be a good helper for your work, why not try using a cloud rendering with a free $25 trial. The only way to know if it’s suitable is to try it yourself!

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