render stacks

On july 20th, Changsoo Eun has announced that a new render pass and generic taskmanager for 3dsMax calledRenderStacks.It has finally released! This product has similarities with RPManager, LPass Manager, Prism, StateSet, and Scene State but is “aiming to be a lot smarter, faster andmorestable”.

With the new reduce the number of files required by doing more with a single scene. To achieve this, the tool gives the artists acomprehensive set of controls per pass, called pmodifiers. For example, it is possible to control the camera, resolution, frame range, object visibility, material object properties, renderer parameters and much more. Upon release, 26 pmodifiers will be included with more planned.As the name would suggest,RenderStacks eschews node-based approaches in favour of astack-based workflow. The developer cite 2 reasons for this approach. Firstly, stacks ensurethe UI remains compact, and secondly, stacks are easy to read and lend themselves to a sequence of tasks.

Here is a tutorial showing the difference of set up 4 different passes set up with cameras, resolution, HDRI environment, and lighting