If the next bit of news is even remotely true then HOLY F*CKING SH*T! this has been a great week for DCEU fans. A new rumor from The Cultured Nerd says Zoic Studios will not only do the VFX for Zack Snyder’s Justice League but –  and here is where you need that salt truck – they are also going to do VFX work for David Ayer’s Suicide Squad.

We all know officially that HBOMax is going to deliver the SnyderCut and that it does need VFX work. I am a little confused as to why Ayer would need any VFX work since he completed several scenes and they were removed or changed but I think most VFX work as done already. Either way if this is true then AT&T is about to become every DCEU fan best friend.

The site also says that Snyder’s Justice League will see VFX work done to give Superman his black suit as well as give Steppenwolf and the para demons their original design.  The site says Zoic will need about three months to complete the VFX work which does not include reshoots.

David Ayer’s Suicide Squad is going under VFX using the production name “Ayerwolf” and the film will return the original plot featuring Enchantress using the mother boxes plus her deal with Joker. This will set up Steppenwolf arriving in Snyder’s Justice League. I also assume since we are getting the AyerCut that we will see Leto’s lost Joker scenes returned as well. Ayer has said he shot several more scenes featuring Leto’s Joker and hated that those scenes were not included.

Work on David Ayer’s Suicide Squad is expected to take nine months. So there you have it! If this news is true then it seems we are going to get not only the Snyder Cut but the Ayer Cut.

James Gunn is working on finishing up his Suicide Squad movie as we speak so it remains to be seen if any of these changes to Ayer and Snyder’s films will have any impact on the DCEU going forward. Or will it all just be fan service perhaps?

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