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PolySlicer for 3ds Max

Poly Design has released PolySlicer, a new scripted tool for 3DS Max that creates evenly spaced cross-sections. The developer describes its main purpose as being to quickly produce parametric furniture. Features include:  Ability to specify wood thickness, gap thickness, edge resolution…


Overnight Batch Render

Spline Dynamics has released Overnight Batch Render a new tool for 3DS Max that promises the user a simplified way to render files sequentially on a single PC. Features include: Render multiple scene files sequentially on a single computer. Render multiple cameras per scene, taking…


D5 Render Engine

Singapore-based Dimension 5 has announced D5 Render, a new realtime engine that combines ray-tracing and rasterisation techniques. Find out more on D5 Render’s website and see demos on their YouTube channel.


Maya to Clarisse bridge tool updated

Muhammad Etman has released an updated version of his tool for exchanging scenes between Maya and Clarisse IFX. New features include a redesigned UI, Alembic support, Alembic referencing, animation support, hierarchy preservation for all objects type and more. Learn more about…


[Corona]: My LightMix is black

Issue LightMix is black Cause and Solution If the whole content of the VFB becomes black as soon as you switch to the Interactive LightMix render element or if you just open the LightMix tab and try to change some of…


[Corona]: My rendering is too bright or too dark

Issue: My rendering is too bright or too dark Cause and Solution: If your rendering is under- or overexposed, this may be caused by: Wrong exposure parametersTo fix this, depending on the workflow you are using, change exposure parameters either…


Creating Stylized Game Assets with Ashleigh Warner

Paint Craft !!: Creating Stylized Game assets with Ashleigh Warner January 10, 2020, at 07:00 pm (PST)  Attention realtime artists!  Get an in-depth look at creating stylized assets for games with prop artist Ashleigh Warner in this upcoming webinar event. Ashleigh is an…

Cloud Rendering

UHD Cache for Corona on 3ds Max Update

Super Renders Farm is so excited to inform you that UHD Cache for Corona on 3ds Max is available now. With this update, your animations can be removed flickering and become more fluid. Find out full update information at