3ds Max 2022 released

Autodesk has announced the release of 3ds Max 2022. New features include revamped versions of the Slice, Symmetry, and Relax modifiers, as well as useful […]

Modo 15 released

Foundry has announced the release of Modo 15. New features include: New Unsubdivide direct modelling tool.  Improvements to Chamfer Edit Support for overlapping boolean islands […]

Nuke 13 released

Foundry has announced the release of Nuke 13. Perhaps the most eyecatching feature is a new machine learning framework that allows user to create bespoke […]

Forest Pack 7 released

iToo Software has announced the release of Forest Pack 7, the latest version of its scattering plugin for 3ds Max. Headline features include the ability […]

AutoMZP Maker released

Visuali Studio has announced AutoMZP Maker, a Maxscript that can quickly create self-installing packages. Features include: The ability to create a full MZP package or […]

GrowFX 2.0 released

Exlevel has released GrowFX 2.0, the latest version of the respected parametric tree and plant modelling plugin for 3DS Max. Version 2 has been in […]

Houdini Engine for Unreal and Unity now free

SideFX has announced that Houdini Engine for UE4 and Unity are now available for commercial customers for free. Previously the engines were free Houdini Indie customers, but this announcement gives […]

PolySnow Plus plugin for 3ds Max

Poly Design has released PolySnow Plus. a new C++ version of its plugin for 3ds Max dedicated to adding snow to existing models. The new C++ and multithreaded […]