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Unreal Engine supports Cinema 4D

Epic Games has announced that Unreal Engine 4.23 will add support for Cinema 4D. The ability to import .c4d files will be handled by the Datasmith plugin which is included in Unreal Studio Beta (currently free). The importer supports scene hierarchies, geometry, materials, lights, cameras, and baked animations and using Cinema 4D’s ‘save for Cineware’ […]

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XParticles 2019 released

Insydium has released the latest update for XParticles for Cinema 4D. New features include an xpDynamics Tag that is fully integrated into the X-Particles system and works with fluids, smoke, fire and constraints. Dynamic Objects can be controlled and art-directed using X-Particles emitters, modifiers, questions & actions and data mapping. Also in this release is […]

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Corona 4 for Cinema 4D released with new caustics

Hot on the heels of the Max release, Chaos Czech has announced the release of Corona 4 for Cinema 4D. The release adds the same Caustics algorithm as the Max version that’s fast and promises to be easy enough to set up in just a couple of clicks. It can handle both reflective and refractive caustics, the latter […]

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RealFlow 10.5 released

Next Limit has announced an update to RealFlow, its fluid simulation solution available as a standalone application plus plugins for Maya, 3DS Max and Cinema 4D. Version 10.5 adds a new daemon to create macro and high-speed camera effects, a new surface tension mode called voltage curvature cohesion, and compatibility with the latest Maxwell Render […]

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An Overview of Octane in Cinema 4D

Curious about using Octane in Cinema 4D? Here’s everything you need to know before you get started with Octane in C4D. Welcome to part two of our render engines series where we are covering the four main third-party render engines for Cinema4D that you need to know: Arnold, Octane, Redshift and Cycles . If you […]

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MasterpieceVR Releases Masterpiece Motion Rigging Software

SAN MATEO, CALIF. — MasterpieceVR today announced the release of Masterpiece Motion, the world’s first professional VR software to accelerate and simplify rigging of 3D models for gaming and animation. For experts and beginners, preparing 3D models to make them ready for animation – rigging, skinning, and posing – is time-consuming, complex and technical. Masterpiece Motion […]

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Quixel Bridge 2019 is Here!

Quixel Bridge has launched a completely revamped browsing and previewing experience, and a new way to download and export your content. Experience a completely revamped browsing and previewing experience, and a new way to download and export your content. With brand new integrations for Blender and Cinema 4D and new supported export formats including USDZ, […]

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Maxon releases a significant update to Cinema 4D

Maxon, recently released R20 of Cinema 4D with some pretty significant new features. Big ones are a significant ProRender update and a nodal shading system. Stay tuned for the review coming soon for more. Red Shift is a biased GPU renderer that’s well respected for its speed and render quality. Red Shift is working on […]

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The future looks very good for Boris FX

We take a look at some of the major new features in the forthcoming Boris FX update I stopped by the Boris FX booth at NAB 2019 and got a nice overview of some of the new features coming in the next release. Some were still a bit buggy since they were still in beta, some of […]

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Nvidia releases Creator Ready drivers, because creatives use GeForce, too

Nvidia launched a new driver track, optimized for users of Adobe apps, Blender, Cinema 4D and others who prize stability over frame rates. Nvidia’s new Creator Ready driver track finally acknowledges the hordes of GeForce owners who use its less expensive gaming-optimized consumer cards with professional applications. It’s mostly about “cadence”: Creator Ready is a slower, […]

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