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Tag: Game of Thrones

Disney VFX Supervisor Steve Goldberg to Present ‘Frozen 2’ at VIEW 2019

Conference attendees get early, extended look at highly anticipated sequel to the studio’s 2013 hit musical adventure, the highest grossing animated feature film of all time.  The View Conference, Italy’s premier event celebrating the best in Animation, VFX, Games, VR and Computer Graphics, has just announced that  Walt Disney Animation Studios VFX supervisor Steve Goldberg will […]

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Pixomondo — “Game of Thrones” S8 VFX Breakdown

With the ride finally over, and so many characters laid to rest, we turn now to the amazing work that went on behind the scenes. International VFX studio Pixomondo provided some of the most iconic visuals of the final season, including sets, vehicles, and loads of creature work. (WARNING: If you’re one of the six […]

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WATCH: Jenn Taylor Talks ‘Game of Thrones’ Loot Train Attack at FMX 2019

Image Engine lead animator details her work creating Drogon the dragon in the hit HBO series’ Season 7 Episode 4 battle where the Lannister army is incinerated as it tries to flee. With FMX 2019 just finishing up May 3 in Stuttgart, Germany, we’re pleased to present our latest set of exclusive interviews with some of the […]

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These new Game of Thrones VFX breakdowns show how the dragons, epic battles, armadas and castles were created

More Game of Thrones VFX breakdowns have just been released, featuring the work of Rodeo FX, Image Engine, Illoura, Mackevision, Zoic and more. Rushed, plot- and action-heavy – and more than a little silly in places – Season 7 of Game of Thrones concluded last year, and the visual effects houses who worked on the series are […]

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