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E-Cycles and E-Cycles RTX announced

Mathieu Menuet has announced the latest version of E-Cycles and E-Cycles RTX, his accelerated version of Blender’s rendering engine. The RTX version promises speed boosts of up to 4 times compared with native Cycles. A purchase includes both versions, the standard release that…


ZBrushCore 2020 released

Pixologic has announced the latest version of ZBrushCore, its stripped down version of ZBrush. Features that are now available in ZBrush Core include Sculptris Pro, Subtool Folders, Universal Camera, Thumbnail, Camview, and ZeeZoo. Find out more in the online release notes. 


Atoms Crowd 3.2.0 released

Toolchefs has announced the latest version of crowd simulator Atoms Crowd. Version 3.2.0 includes  Clarisse integration, support for Houdini Ragdoll, a new Houdini Crowd to Atoms Cache converter, a new USD exporter, a Ragdoll Builder tool, a new Agent Deleter tool, several Maya improvements…


CryEngine 5.6 released

Crytek has released the latest version of its real-time tool Cryengine. Version 5.6 includes in-editor project management, micro-facet multi-layer materials, area lights, tesselated particle ribbons, pressurised closed buoyant cloth, custom-mesh ropes, full-body ragdoll IK, behaviour tree UI and much more. See the full…


CityEngine 2019.1 released with a new Maya plugin

Esri has released the latest version of its parametric tool CityEngine. Version 2019.1 adds several sketching improvements in 2D and 3D including new tools for placing temporary guide lines, export to i3s 1.7 format which  supports PBR materials, a new Maya plugin called Serlio…


KeyVR Fall 2019 release

Keyshot has released the latest version of KeyVR, its simplified VR renderer. New features include: optimised load times; reflections on transparent materials; support for glass, solid glass, gems and dielectrics; the ability to hide or show multiple model sets; new…


Unreal Studio 4.23 released

Epic has released the latest version of Unreal Studio. Version 4.23 adds a new direct workflow with Cinema 4D that preserves the key elements of the original scene.  Features of this new integration includes a non-destructive reimport process that handles iterative changes you…


Substance Designer 2019 Summer update

Allegorithmic has released the latest version of Substance Designer. New features include UX improvements such as a Dot node to reroute collections, cleaning up graphs, the ability to add favorites to the spacebar menu, and the ability to drag the output…


Verge3D 2.13 3DS Max out now

The latest version of Verge3D 3DS Max features reworked shadows, screen-space reflection/refraction effects, application templates, and various App Manager improvements, as well as several new Puzzles to make it easier to create web-based interactive apps without coding. Find out more on…