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4 Awesome Music Video Visual Effects — And How to Recreate Them

Travis Scott’s music video for “SICKO MODE” inspired us to recreate some of its truly awesome visual effects. Here are our four favorite. Last year, Travis Scott dropped the highly anticipated music video for his hit single off of “ASTROWORLD,” his new album released earlier this year. After only being online for three days, the […]

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Do I Need to Know How to Draw for 3D Modeling?

It’s a question that crops up all the time on professional CG forums —”do I need to know how to draw to have a successful career in 3D?” Before we buckle down and try to answer that, let us say this: It’s a foregone conclusion that a well-developed foundation in traditional art or digital painting is a […]

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6 ways to break the rules of composition

Composition rules are great but at times you need to break them. Read on for some practical suggestions on how you can do this. Introduction Breaking the rules of composition can, when done well, lead to amazing eye captivating results. In that regard, rather than calling them rules it would probably make more sense to […]

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2019 Google Play Award winners highlight top Android apps and games

Google on the eve of I/O 2019 announced the Play Award winners to celebrate the top Android apps and games. The nominees in nine categories were unveiled late last month, with the ceremony this evening in Mountain View, California. There are nine categories with criteria factoring overall quality, strong design, technical performance, and innovation. The nominees were first selected […]

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Your Render Time (and How to Optimize)

General To give you a quick example of why it’s faster to use a render farm, imagine that you have a frame that takes 30 seconds to render on your local machine and it takes 1 minute per frame on our farm. While you may have a faster render time, we simply have more machines to […]

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V-Ray (CPU/GPU) The main rendering software for Architectural Visualization is focused on a wide range of tasks. In order to achieve maximum realism, special attention is paid to lighting. The V-Ray renderer has a number of add-ons for this: Irradiance и Photon Map; Light Cache; Brute Force. Corona Renderer Mental-ray 3Ds Max default Render The main advantage […]

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