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Tag: MPC

MPC’s “X-Men: Dark Phoenix” — VFX Breakdown

Per MPC’s dedicated X-Men: Dark Phoenix page: MPC was the lead facility on Dark Phoenix and delivered over 660 shots, though they worked on many more. Over 1,350 out of the 1,700 shots have a visual effects component. With a team of over 1,500 artists, they created all of the X-Men digital doubles and supplied them to other VFX […]

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Creating a Sense of Realism in ‘Pokémon Detective Pikachu’

Framestore’s Jonathan Fawkner and MPC’s Pete Dionne discuss the various ways visual effects were produced to help director Rob Letterman bring the smart-aleck yellow cartoon sleuth to the screen. Despite the cartoon origins of the Pokémon characters, filmmaker Rob Letterman (Monsters vs Aliens) and production VFX supervisor Erik Nordby (Passengers) were determined to situate the […]

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