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Material Maker 0.8 released

RodZilla has released an update for Material Maker, the open-source procedural material generation tool that’s built on top of the Godot engine. The new release features updates to the user interface and several new and improved nodes including the ability to describe and…


ArmorPaint 0.7 released

Armory has released ArmorPaint 0.7, an update to its open-source PBR texture painting tool. New features include support for Blend Modes when using layers and brushes, a new plugin manager to manage several new plugins, support for PSD, BMP and GIF files,…


Corona Renderer 5 for Cinema 4D

Chaos Group Czech recently released Corona Renderer 5 for Cinema 4D. New features include:  2.5D Displacement for more optimised memory usage New caustics for faster render time and memory savings Caustics now respect the include/exclude list for Corona Lights SSS renders correctly…


Keyshot 9 sneak peek

Keyshot 9 is out now. New features include Fuzz, GPU rendering, RealCloth, denoising, a 3D model library and more. Find out more on the Keyshot website. 


Mari 4.6 released

Foundry has announced the release of Mari 4.6. New features include several improvements to the recently-introduced Material System. The new Geo-Channels feature allows users to integrate object-aware properties into material presets for edge wear and other effects. The new release offers several…


ZBrush 2020 released

Pixologic has announced the release of ZBrush 2020. New features include the ability to sculpt and paint in Morph UV, 3 new XTractor brushes for converting model detail to an alpha, a new history paintbrush, the ability to apply details…


The Grove release 8

F12 has released a new version of The Grove, its parametric tree modelling tool for Blender. New features include the ability to animate tree growth, improved tools to allow growth to react to forces, improved materials, a better UX, and many…


Nuke 12 released

Foundry has announced the release of Nuke 12. New features include Soft Selection for customisable falloff when manipulating geometry and cars; an Edge Extend node to erode or dilate a sample region; an Inpain node to create effects similar to Photoshop’s…


Emb3D – web and app based model viewer updated

Transform and Lighting has released a new version of Emb3D Visual Reality, a 3D platform for high-performance 3D rendering in web browsers and mobile apps. New features include the ability to store assets in the cloud, use subfolders, get image previews, share…