Twinmotion updated

Epic Games has announced an update to Twinmotion, its recently acquired real-time tool based on UE4 that’s aimed at the architectural industry. New features include one-click […]

Flame 2020.1 released

Autodesk has announced a new update to its  Flame Family. New features include several new ways to isolate and modify common objects in moving footage for […]

3D Coat 4.9 released

New features in 3DCoat v4.9 include a new CutOff tool, improvements to the Paint, Sculpt, UV/Retopo room, New curves and more. What’s New in 3DCoat […]

XParticles 2019 released

Insydium has released the latest update for XParticles for Cinema 4D. New features include an xpDynamics Tag that is fully integrated into the X-Particles system […]

Storm 0.2.5 released

EffectiveTDs has released Storm, its standalone granular simulation tool. Version 0.2.5 adds expressions for all float and boolean parameters, a Linux version, floating licensing option, the ability for […]

RizomUV 2019 released

Rizom-Lab has announced the release of Rizom UV 2019, its standalone UV mapping tool. New features include: A new script launcher panel similar to other […]

Wrap 3.4 available

New features in R3DS’s tool for transferring topology from a predefined mesh to a 3D scan include: Blendwrapping provides an example-based wrapping method that reuses […]

Miarmy 7 released

New features in Basefount Technology’s crowd simulation software for Maya include: A new bone tree builder which allow the user to rebuild a standard joint […]