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Simple Scatter for Unreal Engine 4

Army of One Games has released a new scattering plugin for Unreal Engine 4. Simple Scatter has been designed to bring scattering workflows familiar from the scattering plugins found in 3D DCC packages to Unreal. Features include the ability to scatter on…


Cavalry – new motion design software

London-based motion design and VFX Studio Mainframe has announced a free public beta of its new motion design software Cavalry. Cavalry promises the user a new procedural application with ambitions to make take on the existing heavy-hitters in the animation, design, creative…


ZBrush Composition

Pixologic has released ZBrush Compositor, a new plugin that allows you to send ZBrush render passes to Marmoset Toolbag 3 or Adobe’s Substance Painter. Learn how to use it on ZBrush Guides and find out more and download from Pixologic’s website.  


Scatter for Blender 2.8

BD3D has released Scatter, a new add-on for Blender for parametrically distributing instanced geometry . It works by automating the creation of a complex modifier stack behind the scenes and offers the user a simplified interface for scattering grass, ground cover,…


QuickLight for 3DS Max

Krzysztof Dawlud has released QuickLight, a new tool for 3DS Max that automates the task of setting up and tweaking HDRI-based Dome lights. At present the plugin supports Max 2020 and V-Ray with more promised soon. Read more on Gumroad. 


PolySlicer for 3ds Max

Poly Design has released PolySlicer, a new scripted tool for 3DS Max that creates evenly spaced cross-sections. The developer describes its main purpose as being to quickly produce parametric furniture. Features include:  Ability to specify wood thickness, gap thickness, edge resolution…


Atoms Crowd 3.2.0 released

Toolchefs has announced the latest version of crowd simulator Atoms Crowd. Version 3.2.0 includes  Clarisse integration, support for Houdini Ragdoll, a new Houdini Crowd to Atoms Cache converter, a new USD exporter, a Ragdoll Builder tool, a new Agent Deleter tool, several Maya improvements…