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Material Maker 0.8 released

RodZilla has released an update for Material Maker, the open-source procedural material generation tool that’s built on top of the Godot engine. The new release features updates to the user interface and several new and improved nodes including the ability to describe and…


Unity 2019.3 is out now

Unity Technologies has announced the release of Unity 2019.3. New features include a new editor interface, a new input System, faster in-Editor iteration time, production-ready graphics and much more. See a detailed description of the release on the Unity website.


TopoLogiK v1.12 released – retopo tool for 3DS Max

KinematicLab has released an update to TopoLogiK, its retopology tool for 3DS Max that promises a “more procedural, parametric and efficient approach”. Features since last reported include improved high poly management removing issues with corrupted meshes, the ability to automatically select edge loops…


ArmorPaint 0.7 released

Armory has released ArmorPaint 0.7, an update to its open-source PBR texture painting tool. New features include support for Blend Modes when using layers and brushes, a new plugin manager to manage several new plugins, support for PSD, BMP and GIF files,…


Deep FX updates

Since we last reported, Deep FX World has released several development videos showcasing the progress of its standalone physics and animation tool Deep FX Studio. Currently in beta, the tool is based on their fluid simulation plugin for Lightwave called Deep…


Katana 3.5 released

Foundry has released Katana 3.5 with a rewritten core that promises speed improvements of up to 30 times for many operations. Also in this release are a new Monitor Layer that allows users to interact with ray-traced renders directly in the viewer,…


PolySlicer for 3ds Max

Poly Design has released PolySlicer, a new scripted tool for 3DS Max that creates evenly spaced cross-sections. The developer describes its main purpose as being to quickly produce parametric furniture. Features include:  Ability to specify wood thickness, gap thickness, edge resolution…