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Tag: Streaming Media

Barnstorm VFX Creates Chilling Alternate Post-War Reality in ‘Man in the High Castle’

Boutique visual effects studio produces photoreal dystopian world where the U.S. is split between Japanese and Nazi control in Amazon Studio’s original series based on Philip K. Dick’s 1962 novel. Through three gripping seasons, Amazon Studio’s Man in the High Castle has entertained audiences with its chilling, alternate version of world history, a dystopian reality where the […]

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Caesar Begets Pogo: Weta Continues its Primate Mastery on ‘Umbrella Academy’

VFX supervisor Chris White shares how New Zealand’s visual effects masters leveraged a decade of ‘Planet of the Apes’ digital character excellence for Netflix’s dysfunctional superhero family adventure series.  With its recent Season 2 pickup, the Netflix original dysfunctional, estranged superhero family adventure, or misadventure, series, The Umbrella Academy, will be back with more episodes, most […]

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