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Cannot create shortcut for 3rd-party plug-in in 3ds Max 2020.1


Cannot create shortcut for 3rd-party plug-in in 3ds Max 2020. The Hotkey Editor doesn’t show a filter option for Category.


As of 3ds Max 2020, Update 1, the Hotkey Editor has been upgraded and moved from the Customize > Customize User Interface menu to Customize > Hotkey Editor.

Hotkey Editor
Hotkey Editor


3ds Max 2020, Update 1 introduced a new Hotkey Editor, which allows users to create and assign hotkeys to both core 3ds Max functions and 3rd-party plug-ins. The Category option is still available within the new menu.

However, when displaying plugins by Category, some 3rd-party plug-ins may have different names from what’s expected, such as the manufacturer’s name instead of the actual plug-in name.

When assigning hotkeys to these plug-ins, consult the manufacturer’s installation instructions carefully, and review the new Hotkey Editor steps in the 3ds Max 2020 Help File.

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