Deform Dynamics has released Dynamo, a new GPU accelerated cloth dynamics plugin for 3ds Max. According to the developers, it is capable of 10-100x faster performance compared to the built-in cloth modifier. 

Dynamo is modifier based and promises real-time performance and an interactive design process. At launch, the solver supports stretching, bending stiffness, pressure, soft bodies and wind forces with the ability to animate every property. Pins are supported and can be added and removed interactively. For creating clothing and other multi-panel designs seams are supported. 

The plugin also allows the user to disable physical forces like gravity and just use Dynamo’s real-time interactive mode to sculpt cloth shapes. A subdivision mode is also included that is suited to smoothing simulated cloth. 

Dynamo costs €99 and a 30-day trial is available. Unity and Unreal version appear to also be coming soon. Find out more on the Deform Dynamics website

Source: CG Press

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