iToo Software has announced the release of Forest Pack 7, the latest version of its scattering plugin for 3ds Max.

Headline features include the ability to scatter nearly any type of object including lights; a new simplified interface that allows the user to colour correct every asset in a scatter from a single location; and the ability to randomise animated objects in Corona or offset and control the playback using maps. This last feature has been included in Forest Pack’s API meaning that other renderers that support Forest Pack (such as Octane and FStorm) can also add support. 

Forest Pack 7 also aims to fit in with emerging real-time workflows, including a new plugin for Unity that will import files created using a Forest Tools utility. In addition, Forest Pack is supported by Chaos Vantage simply by saving as a .vrscene, and Unreal Engine via Datasmith. 

The library browser has been rewritten from the ground up to make it much easier to add new features in the future. For this release, there are new management tools that allow the user to add objects selected from the scene in just a couple of clicks. This new tool then collects the necessary dependencies, builds a material library and generate thumbnails automatically. 

In addition to a new library browser, there’s also new content bundled with this release. Two completely new libraries are included, a collection of 40 photoscanned tree stumps plus optimised presets for large areas, and a new cut hedges library with 89 preset in a variety of heights. There are also hedge presets that can be applied to the surface of a mesh to create topiary effects. 

Other new features include an improved distribution reference mode that allows you to scatter multiple items per face, support for gbuffer render passes in V-Ray, improvements to make it easier to add scatter objects to the items list, Solo mode in the modifier panel that keeps only one rollout open at a time, items now align with the z position of a spline plus much more.

To see a full list of what’s new, visit the iToo Software’s blog

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