Exlevel has released a beta version of GrowFX 2.0, an eagerly anticipated update to the respected parametric tree and plant modelling plugin for 3DS Max.

A full feature list has yet to be made available, but this is a major rewrite of the plugin with a complete overhaul of its UI to a new, much more modern node-based editor. Version 1’s UI was perhaps its biggest weakness, making it difficult to visualise the connections and influences between different parameters, so for many users, this is a welcome improvement. 

Perpetual licensing is retained at a cost of $325. For users that purchased GrowFX 1.x, this release also marks the introduction of an annual maintenance plan for access to future updates. Users who purchased the V1 plugin in the last year are entitled to download V2 with a year of maintenance at no additional charge. 

There is little further information about the new features available on the Exlevel site at present, but you can read a little about upgrading in the forum and see a video of the new version in action on YouTube.

It’s also worth mentioning that GrowFX will be on sale from Black Friday to Cyber Monday 2019 – the reductions have not been announced yet, though in past years it was a 50% reduction. Keep on eye on the Exlevel website for more details.  

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