How to export Redway RED files (* .red) from 3ds Max using the REDmax plug-in.

Note: the .RED file format referenced in this article is not related to proprietary image files produced by the RED Camera systems.



The REDway 3D graphics libraries are designed as “middleware” to enable integrated software vendors (ISVs), in-house programmers or consultants to build their own plug-ins.


REDway 3D does not sell compiled plug-ins on their own. To use REDmax for 3ds Max, users must purchase and download the REDway3D software developer’s kit (SDK) to create the final end-user plugins for the program.

Note: neither Autodesk nor the Autodesk App Store provides compiled versions of the REDway 3D plug-ins.

For more information on integrating the REDsdk with 3ds Max, see the information at this link.

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Source: Autodesk

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