How to turn on or off bitmap material previews using the Viewport and Material Editor in 3ds Max.


The option in the Viewport and the option in the Material Editor work the same. They both can be used to either enable or disable the Show Shaded Material in Viewport button from within each material.  

Viewport Material and Map Control

In the Viewport, the option will be under the Viewport Mode:

  1. In the 3ds Max Viewport choose Standard.
  2. Select Materials
  3. Choose the preferred option for materials and maps within the Viewport. (e.g. Shaded Materials without Maps)

Material Editor Material and Map Control

​In the Material Editor, the option will be under the Material menu:

  1. In the 3ds Max, open the Material Editor (M).
  2. Select the Material menu.
  3. Choose the preferred state of the Show Materials in Viewport As option. (e.g. Shaded Materials without Maps)

Note: If enabling bitmap previews within a scene, the bitmap/material previews will not only appear in the Viewport, but the “Show Shaded Material in Viewport” button at the material level becomes enabled as well (selected with a light blue highlight). 

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