Poly Design has released PolySnow Plus. a new C++ version of its plugin for 3ds Max dedicated to adding snow to existing models. The new C++ and multithreaded version promises huge speed increases over the previous Maxscript iteration. It also includes 5 custom objects and 6 modifiers to create a complete snow creation workflow. The objects include:

  • PS_Particles: A procedural object that generates snow particles on input objects.
  • PS_Mesher: A mesher object that takes particles as input to generate the final snow mesh. 
  • PS_Icicle: An icicle object that takes objects or particles as inputs to create icicles at the bottom of the objects.
  • PS_Flakes: An animated procedural snow flakes object with a variety of parameters to get the desired results.
  • PS_FastSnow: An additional procedural object that creates snow mesh based on the topology of input object. Similar to extrusion method.

To modify and art direct the snow once created, there are also 6 modifiers:

  • FluffySnow: Can be applied to a mesher object to make the snow fluffy.
  • PolyPrint: A animatable procedural modifier that takes objects as input to create snowprints on snow mesh.
  • SnowNoise: A procedural noise modifier that works based on surface normals, unlike the default noise modifier. 
  • SnowSculpt: A brush based sculpting modifier that can be applied to a mesh that lets you refine the surface of the snow. Several built in alphas are included such as tires, paths etc… and the developer has suggested that the ability to use custom alphas will be included in a future update. 
  • ParticleToFlake: A procedural modifier to convert particles to flake meshes.
  • SnowPaint: A brush based snow paint modifier that creates particles based on the brush strokes. Can be used as input for mesher to make it visible.

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