Scene Manager 2.1

Pulze has announced the latest version of its Scene Manager plugin for 3ds Max. New features in version 2.1 include:

  • The addition of Daylight System properties.
  • Improved Color Correction map support and added specific properties.
  • Added option to** copy and paste** module settings between setups.
  • Added UserName and PcName option to output modules.
  • Added pick selected map to Environment and Dome modules.
  • Fixed issue related to the application of special characters in the names of camera, light, object, layer and map.
  • Fixed issue with frozen camera or light module after merging objects with the same name.
  • Fixed several bugs in the environment, dome and hdri modules.

Pulze Scene Manager costs £9 per month or £70 per year. Find out more on the Pulze blog

Scene Manager 2.0

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