Terrain plugin for 3DS Max

MegaFiers has announced an update to its Terrain Plugin for 3ds Max, a tool that allows users to generate landscapes from real-world elevation data by streaming it from online DEM repositories. It uses freely available sources but takes the pain out of locating and stitching together the many tiles that might be required to reconstruct a region.

The plugin also gives you options to colourise the maps based on their height using a configurable colour ramp. Alternatively, it is possible to use satellite maps from Google Earth. 

This release updates the data source used. Until now the Terrain plugin accessed data from the USGS website, but this was recently removed. A new data source is now being used which has the added advantage of allowing users to download high-resolution maps from many more locations, formerly the higher levels of detail were only available for locations in the US.  

The Terrain plugin is available for 3ds Max 2015 and above. A Perpetual license cost $199. Find out more

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