When trying to launch or activate an Autodesk software on your Mac you get the error:

A license error has occurred. Contact your technical support representative for assistance.
To help determine the nature of the problem, the error code is: 110

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Licensing Error


This issue often occurs when an incorrect Serial Number and Product key is used to activate the software.


Try the below steps, testing the software after each:

Reset the license information

  1. Close any running Autodesk programs.
  2. Sign out and exit from A360 if you are using it. 
  3. Turn off Time Machine if it is running. 
  4. Remove all files under /User/<username>/Library/Application Support/Autodesk/ADUT
  5. Navigate to /Library/Preferences/ and locate the FLEXnet Publisher folder. 
  6. From within the FLEXnet Publisher folder, delete all files that start with adsk
    • Note: Other products might use this licensing technology. Adobe may have some files in this location as well. Do not remove any non-Autodesk files.
  7. Go to /User/<username>/Library/Application Support/Autodesk/Web Services and delete the file LoginState.xml
  8. Launch the Autodesk product to re-initiate the activation. 

Update the software

Install the latest update/hotfix for the product. Find the downloads from the Autodesk Account > Product Updates section.

Perform a Clean Uninstall and reinstall

Perform a Clean uninstall. Then reinstall the software

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