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After Effects compositions don’t queue to Adobe Media Encoder

While rendering your After Effects project via Adobe Media Encoder, sometimes you might run into an issue where Adobe Media Encoder opens but the composition isn’t added to the queue. In order to understand what’s causing this problem, Adobe staff can collect dynamic link logs from your computer and share them with the After Effects team. Please follow these steps on your computer and share the log files with any Adobe staffer in the community.

  1. Quit all Adobe apps
  2. From Finder, click Go > Go to Folder and type “~/Library”
  3. Navigate to Preferences > Adobe > After Effects > 17.0 > logs
  4. Create a blank text file named “LiveLink Log.txt” and save it. Note that macOS creates RTF files by default. Please change that to TXT by going to Format > Make Plain Text
  5. Now launch After Effects and send your composition to Adobe Media Encoder
  6. Navigate to the logs folder again by repeating Step 2 and Step 3. You should see two files in that folder now. If you do, upload the “LiveLink Log.txt” to Adobe Creative Cloud and share the URL with us. Instructions here:

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