AMD has announced a USD plugin for Blender. Features include:

  • Importing USD files into Blender as “references”. That is a USD file can be imported as part of the scenegraph, but not loaded into Blender’s memory.
  • Assembling Blender data and USD data to form a complex scene.
  • Exporting assembled USD stages for use in other applications
  • Rendering in Blender via the USD Hydra Framework. This is a middle layer for renderers, meaning that once a renderer is adapted to Hydra, it can work in many places including this addon for rendering. Known Hydra render delegates are:
    • AMD’s Radeon ProRender 
    • Hydra’s default Storm delegate 
    • Intel Embree (cpu) delegate
    • Pixar RenderMan delegate.
    • Autodesk Arnold
    • Otoy Octane
    • Redshift
    • Cycles
    • Intel Ospray

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