Blender 2.91 features

The Blender Foundation has announced its fourth major release in 2020 is here to further improve the user experience, adding powerful new booleans, better cloth sculpting with support for collisions, volume objects modifiers, improved animation tools and so much more.


Speed up your workflow with quick gestures!

  • Draw a line to:
    • Trim
    • Create Masks
    • Create Face Sets
  • Use the cursor depth to set the origin.
  • Combine with box and lasso gestures.


This brush includes a set of deformation modes designed to control the shape of the mesh boundaries.


The new Simulation Target property allows the Pose and Boundary brushes to simulate cloth effects as you use them.

Visit for a full list of what’s new. 

Super Renders Farm is constantly updating the latest software and plug-in which to bring new experience for customers and we are planning to install Blender 2.91 as soon as possible.

Currently, Super Renders Farm already supports many Blender 2.90 projects and still support old Blender versions

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