There are many causes of  the Blender crashes. In this article will clarify the 3 most common reasons of Blender


  1. Running out of memory.
  2. Issues with graphics hardware or drivers.
  3. Bugs in Blender.


Firstly, you may be able to recover your work with File Recover Auto Save….

To prevent the problem from happening again, you can check that the graphics drivers are up to date, upgrade your machine’s hardware (the RAM or graphics card), and disable some options that are more memory intensive:

  • Reduce undo steps Preferences ‣ System ‣ Memory & Limits ‣ Undo Steps.
  • Using multisample anti-aliasing also increases the memory usage and makes the display slower.
  • On Linux, the Window Manager (KDE, Gnome, Unity) may be using hardware accelerated effects (e.g. window shadows and transparency) that are using up the memory that Blender needs. Try disabling the desktop effects or switch to a lightweight Window Manager.

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