Can you import a Houdini project into After Effects? This is a question that many people are interested in.


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No, there’s next to no interoperability between the two programs.

You could bring 3D objects into After Effects from Houdini via an open format like OFX, but that requires a plugin like Element3D on After Effect’s side.

Kenneth McLaughlin
, After Effects: Multi-frame Photoshopping

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You can’t import a Houdini file into AFX, you can export cameras from Houdini to AfterFX and there’s plugins that support importing 3D objects into AFX, for a better compositing workflow using 3D I recommend you move to Blackmagic Fusion, way better 3D environment and compositing.

If want you want is import images, yes you can import most kind of images into after effects rendered with Houdini.

Alvaro Castañeda
, 15+ Years working with Houdini

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