When exporting files from Maya 2019 on macOS, there is no option for STEP files in the export file types option. Additionally, importing STEP files into Maya 2019 results in the following error:

“Unrecognized File Type”

Cannot export or import STEP files from Maya 2019 on Mac
Error: “Unrecognized File Type”


  • macOS.
  • Maya 2019 and later. 


The ATF (Autodesk Translation Framework) plug-in was removed from Maya 2019 due to performance issues on Mac.
Note: STL and OBJ export types were removed from the ATF plug-in and converted to unique, native export formats, while STEP files were not included.


STEP files can be imported into and exported from Maya 2018 for macOS.

To vote for the STEP file support to be potentially restored in future versions of Maya for Mac, visit the Maya Idea Station and vote for the idea topic.

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