How to change all fonts at once? This is a problem which is proposed by ethandale, Adobe Support Community :

So I’m brand new to using InDesign (to some degree), and I made my entire document have Arial font. I changed my mind eventually though, and I’d like to change a lot of it to Roboto. I somewhat screwed myself over, because I have titles on each page in the upper left corner that I’d like to have be Robot Regular while having everything else be Roboto Light. There’s probably some fancy way to do this (given that the rest of the program is like Powerpoint on steroids, adderall, and coffee, all at the same time), so if anyone could give me a gentle nudge in the right direction, that would be amazing. I already love this program so much, and I’d love to learn how to use it to build a better portfolio (or a draft of a portfolio, or just about anything). Thanks in advance!

The problem is proposed by ethandale, Adobe Support Community


The easiest method is by changing the styles. Experienced users of InDesign use paragraph and character styles as much as possible (and base paragraph styles on other paragraph styles with similar typographic characteristics / needs). In this manner, changing from one font family to another takes only minor adjustments to the styles and text formatted with such styles gets automatically updated.

If you haven’t yet started using styles, the alternative is to use the Edit => Find/Change command and select the Find Format and Change Format options on the lower half of the dialog box. This lets you globally replace formatting within the document or portions thereof as otherwise defined in that dialog.

Solution by Dov Isaacs,  Adobe Employee

Or other following answer by Scott_Falkner

Even easier than that is to use the Type > Find Font command and change all instances of one font into another. If you did use Paragraph Styles or Character Styles you can turn on Redefine Style When Changing All.

Change all fonts at once?
Find Font Screen

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