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Corona Renderer 5 for Cinema 4D

Chaos Group Czech recently released Corona Renderer 5 for Cinema 4D. New features include: 

  • 2.5D Displacement for more optimised memory usage
  • New caustics for faster render time and memory savings
  • Caustics now respect the include/exclude list for Corona Lights
  • SSS renders correctly inside glossy refractive materials which have caustics enabled
  • Much faster handling of Corona Proxies (animated proxies now supported, and used in these examples)
  • Faster render times and memory savings for Corona Proxies
  • New Corona Sky object, allows multiple environments for LightMix, and use of any Shader for the environment
  • Select Material and Shader, self-contained “library” that an object carries with it
  • Multi Shader, randomises colours/textures across objects or sub-objects
  • Compatibility with the native Cinema 4D Background object
  • Shadowcatcher Illuminator option for Corona Lights
  • New Sampling Focus multipass, shows which areas of an image require and receive the most sampling
  • New Render Stamp multipass, save render statistics (render time, memory use, etc.) without embedding into the Beauty pas

Find out more on the Corona blog



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