“Closed Loopback Connection” is not an error. It simply means that the connection was closed, and this may be either expected or not.

Closed Loopback Connection" message and DR is not working
Closed Loopback Connection” message and DR is not working

Possible causes:

  • Corona is not activated on the render nodes
  • Problem with Autodesk Backburner
  • Using special (national) characters in object names, camera name, paths, asset names, etc
  • Problem with Corona installation on the node PC – e.g. there are doubled DLLs in 3ds Max folder, or some files are missing, and because of that 3ds Max or Corona cannot be started

Possible solutions:

  • On all render nodes: install Corona and open 3ds Max. Start render and activate licenses
    See: Activating License
  • On all render nodes: make sure you are able to perform a successful local Backburner rendering without any errors
  • Do not use national characters in 3ds Max, paths, or file names

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