When starting a batch rendering with Maya, an error occurs: “MayaBatch has stopped working”

MayaBatch has stopped working
MayaBatch Error


This can be caused by several factors:

  1. Maya Preferences are corrupted
  2. A node in the scene has become corrupted
  3. A third party plug-in is causing a problem 
  4. The Graphics Card is not supported
  5. The Graphics Card Driver is out of date


To hone in on the exact cause, follow these sequential steps:

  1. Reset the Maya Preferences to Default
  2. If the issue is limited to a specific scene, try the following:
    1. Import the scene into a new, empty scene; retry the rendering
    2. Use the Optimize Scene Size tool (select Unknown Nodes, and other applicable options) to clear out unused nodes
  3. If using a third party plug-in – like a render engine – unload that plug-in and perform the same operations with in-program tools – like Maya Software.
    • If the problem only occurs when utilizing the third party plug-in, please contact the appropriate support channels (plug-ins that are not made by Autodesk are not covered in Autodesk Support).
  4. Look up the graphics card information and confirm that it is on the list of Certified Hardware for Maya
  5. Use the name of the graphics card to search for the appropriate download page. Some examples are below:

Maya has regular updates published to To access, log in and use this guide to find the appropriate download files for your operating system: Where to find Updates for Maya

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