When trying to set an output path in the State Sets menu, the error message “”System.ArgumentException: Illegal Characters in path” appears.

1 states have encountered errors and have been disabled to allow you to continue working. 
Please report this to Autodesk by sending us the following text:

State type: Autodesk.Max.StateSets.Entities.StateSets.Rendering.Parameter
Error: System.ArgumentException: Illegal characters in path.
at System.IO.Path.CheckInvalidPathChars(String path, Boolean checkAdditional)
at System.IO.Path.InternalGetDirectoryName(String path)
Autodesk.Max.StateSets.Entities.StateSets.StateSet.AppendRenderElementNameToFilePath(String filePath, String renderElementName)
at Autodesk.Max.StateSets.Entities.StateSets.Rendering.Parameter.SetParameterValue(RenderProperties property, Object value, SetParameterReason reason)
at Autodesk.Max.StateSets.Entities.StateSets.Parameter`1.Revert()
at Autodesk.Max.StateSets.Entities.StateSets.State.Revert(Entity parent, Boolean revertInReverseOrder)
State Set Path Error


Causes of this issue include, but are not limited to:

  • Output path created in the State Sets menu exceeds the Windows 256-character limit.
  • Invalid characters (tokens) set in the State Sets output path string.
  • Corrupted State Sets settings.


To address this error, try the following:

  1. If the output path is set to a network location (such as a shared folder), check that the network path is accessible from the submitting PC to the shared folder on another PC, or RAID. 
  2. Change the State Sets output to a shorter folder and filename path, then re-try the rendering.
  3. Make sure that all tokens used in the State Sets output path string are valid. See the 3ds Max Help file for more information.
  4. Delete the original State Set, then rebuild it in 3ds Max and re-submit the render job.

Note: you can edit the Windows 10 registry to allow for greater than 256-character folder and filenames. See this article:  How to change the default 256 character path limitation (MAX_PATH) in Windows 10.

Problems caused by improperly editing the Windows registry could render your computer operating system unusable. Microsoft provides a wealth of critical information that you need to know about the registry in the Microsoft Knowledge Base. Use the Microsoft Registry Editor only at your own risk and only after backing up the registry as outlined for your operating system in the Microsoft article How to back up and restore the registry in Windows and in the related solution How to back up the system registry. Additional information about the registry is also contained in the Help topics in the Microsoft Registry Editor.

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