When rendering or after attempting to open a bitmap texture file in the Material Editor, a message appears indicating that the specified texture or bitmap file failed to load. The path where the error occurs may be different, depending on which bitmap file cannot be found by 3ds Max.
“Failed to load texture file: <path>”

Failed to load texture file
Failed to load texture file

 A Missing Map Files window may also appear in addition to the error in the Render Message: ART Renderer window:

A Missing Map Files
A Missing Map Files


The file no longer is present in the indicated folder path.

Note: This may be due to improper installation of 3ds Max stock images, deletion of a file, renaming of a file or that a file has been moved or installed to another folder.


To resolve the error noted in the Render Message window, do the following:

  1. Ensure the file exists in the indicated error path location.
    • If the missing file has been renamed, change the file name back to the one noted in the error message so 3ds Max can find the file to load it.
  2. If the file is not located in the indicated path location, search the Windows PC for the file name using the Windows Explorer search bar.
"Failed to load texture file: " when rendering or opening a bitmap in the Material Editor in 3ds Max
Windows PC

Note: Other third-party search tools such as Everything, can help to find files stored in miscellaneous places on a PC.

  1. Once the file is found, move it to the correct location 3ds Max is searching for in the indicated error path.

If the file no longer exists on the PC, do one of the following:

Remove the bitmap reference

  1. Remove the bitmap file reference from where it is used within 3ds Max (e.g. Material Editor, applied to an object, etc.)
  2. Resave the scene.

Replace the missing bitmap file

  1. Download or re-add the bitmap texture to the PC.
  2. Name it identically to the file name listed in the error path and place it in the indicated error folder location.

3ds Max will no longer display an error message due to missing bitmap paths.

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