After importing a Revit file (RVT, FBX) into 3ds Max, the scene renders black even with Revit light fixtures.


Lights are turned off or no lighting information has been provided via IES files upon import to 3ds Max.


Below is the most up to date list of known solutions. It is not complete, and more solutions may be added as they are discovered.


Check the position of the light(s) is not inside any geometry.
Example: Move the light slowly down from the ceiling until it is clear of the geometry.


For each light fixture instance within the scene, go to the General Parameters rollout and check the box for Light Properties: ON.
Note: Light will display in black wireframe or edged faces within the Viewport if they are turned off.

Illuminating Engineering Society Lights (IES)

Add IES files for lights missing Photometric Web Distribution information. If a scene is setup to use Photometric Web information in Revit, verify all instances of the Revit light fixtures contain proper IES files or Photometirc Web information upon export.

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